Candle Making Equipment

You don't need a whole candle-making factory to get started – just a few key tools and a dash of enthusiasm. You might already have some of the basics in your kitchen! For the double boiler method, a kitchen pot and water are your trusty allies. A thermometer is your go-to tool for ensuring the perfect heating and cooling of candle waxAluminium pouring jugs are like the knights in shining armour, protecting against high temperatures. Plastic pouring jugs, on the other hand, are like the assistant wizards – helping you pour wax into glass containers with precision. Digital scales are your candle-making besties for weighing wax and fragrance. They're like the scale of justice, ensuring the perfect balance in your candle creation. While candle-making kits often come with pre-weighed materials, as you dive deeper into the craft, having your own scale becomes a crucial tool for precision.

As your passion for candle making evolves, additional equipment like candle moulds, fragrance oils, wicks, and candle dyes can take your candle creations to the next level. So, put on your apron and let the candle-making magic begin! 


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Aluminium Pouring Jug - 1.2 L - Blaze & Foam
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Glass Thermometer - Blaze & Foam
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Pipettes 10Pipettes
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Pouring Jug Plastic - 1 Litre - Blaze & Foam
Long Neck Pouring Jug Plastic - 1 Litre Sale priceFrom $8.00 AUD
Digital Scale 5KG - black or white - Blaze & Foam Digital Scale 5KG - black or white - Blaze & Foam