Get ready to conquer the art of precision with these nifty Plastic Pipettes – your trusty allies in the realm of candle and soap crafting and fragrance mixing.

Drops of Magic:

Picture this – you're adding drops of fragrance with surgeon-like precision, and not a single drop goes rogue. That's what these pipettes are all about – accuracy without the mess.

Mixing Symphony:

Whether you're a fragrance composer or a scent sorcerer, these pipettes are your wand. Blend fragrance notes with your existing potions and create olfactory magic that's uniquely yours.

Measurement Marvel:

  • Capacity: With a maximum capacity of 3ml, you're in control of your fragrance symphony.
  • Increments: It's all about those 0.5ml steps – each one counts toward perfection.

Dimensions Delight:

  • Length: Aha, the secret of the pipette's prowess – but you'll have to measure it in your hands.
  • Capacity: Another secret for you to unveil – the capacity in ml.

So, whether you're a fragrance artist or a blending enthusiast, these pipettes are your tools of precision. No mess, no fuss – just drops of fragrance brilliance! 

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