Glass Thermometer


A good thermometer is a must-have for achieving that perfect result in your candle and soap making endeavours! 

Here's why this general-purpose glass thermometer is a fantastic addition:

  • Multi-Purpose: It's not just for one craft; it's a versatile tool suitable for soap making, cosmetic making, and candle making.

  • Precision Matters: Getting the right temperature is crucial, and this thermometer helps you achieve that accuracy, making your creative process smoother and more successful.

  • Steady Setup: The adjuster metal clip ensures that your thermometer stays securely in place on your double boiler setup. No wobbles or mishaps here!

  • Dual Units: Whether you prefer Celsius or Fahrenheit, temperature readings in both units make it user-friendly for everyone.

As for the specific temperature range and dimensions, they're TBA.

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