Blaze & Foam

YELLOW Body and Soap Colour


Imagine a burst of sunny radiance gracing your creations, much like the cheerful rays of a canary's song on a bright morning. Say hello to yellow, the colour that promises to infuse your soaps, bath products, and more with a touch of vibrant energy.

Vegan and Palm Oil Free:

High-fives to eco-friendliness! This colour is like a cheerful reminder that we can make beautiful things while being kind to the planet!

YELLOW Radiance:

Imagine capturing the essence of sunshine and bottling it up in liquid form. Voilà, you've got canary yellow – a hue that radiates happiness and warmth. Hello, sunny vibes!

Simplicity at its Best:

Water soluble and concentrated? Could it get any better? It's like someone sprinkled a touch of enchantment to make sure your colour game is on point – with minimal effort!

Soap and Bath Bomb Bliss:

This little bottle of joy is like a magic wand for your soap and bath bomb making escapades. Transparent soap base? Check. Bath salts? Check. Bath bombs and beyond? Check, check, check!

A Symphony of Applications:

From lotions to liquid soap and shampoos, this canary yellow is here to add a pop of cheer to your personal care lineup. It's like a little drop of sunshine in every bottle!

Boundaries in Beauty:

It's like this colour is super considerate of its surroundings. Perfect for specific applications, but not for oil-based or water-based lip products. It's all about playing nice!

Colourful Adventure Time:

Gloves on, surfaces covered – time to dive into your creative laboratory! Start with a few drops and watch the magic unfold. Add more if you're feeling extra bold. Mixing shades is like being a colour alchemist!

The Art of Replication:

Taking notes of bases, additives, and fragrances? It's like being a detective. Replicate those perfect colours by being your very own  scientist!

The Ever-Changing Spectrum:

The colours achieved are like little surprises that depend on your artistic touch and the canvas you're working with. Like an artistic journey with every product you create!

Tiny Steps to Greatness:

It's like the first brushstroke on a canvas – start small for testing. A small quantity is like your ticket to colourful discoveries.

Visuals Can Be Deceptive:

The colours in images might be a tad mischievous – they can vary. But that's the fun, isn't it? Each creation is a unique masterpiece!

So, don those gloves, prep that workspace, and let YELLOW Body and Soap Colour transport you to a world of vibrant possibilities! 


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