Blaze & Foam

Eleven Pack Liquid Body and Soap Colour 10g, 100g or 500g

Look who's got a colourful treat for all you soap and bath bomb wizards out there! It's an eleven pack of vegan, palm oil-free, skin-safe colorants that are basically the superheroes of personal care product colouring. Let's dive right into this rainbow of awesomeness and see what it's all about! 

The Colourful Squad:

This eleven-pack is like a dream come true for soap and bath bomb creators – a mix of vibrant hues to make your products pop! It's water-soluble and super concentrated, giving you consistent and reliable colouring magic. The best part? It's all vegan and palm oil-free – you can colour with a clear conscience!

Easy Peasy Colouring:

Let's talk about how effortless this colouring adventure is. These liquid pigment dyes are your trusty sidekicks – just a few drops, and bam! Your products transform into colourful wonders. It's like having your own personal artist toolkit!

Welcome to the wondrous world of "No More Powder Palooza".

  • Easy-Peasy Measuring: Pour, laugh, and pour again. Who needs the precision of a chemist when you've got liquid dyes?
  • Solubility Sorcery: Watch the magic as our colourants disappear into your concoction, leaving behind a colour that's as even as your mood on payday.
  • Particle Peacedom: Our liquid dyes promise zero chance of a powder snowstorm in your lab. It's all the colour with none of the sneeze-triggering excitement.

A Rainbow in a Pack:

Hold onto your mixing bowls, because there's a whole spectrum of colours waiting for you in this pack: red, yellow, pink, purple, green, orange, black  lime green, azure blue, fire red, and celeste blue. Talk about options, right?

Choose Your Adventure:

Pick your pack size – whether it's 11 x 10g, 11 x50g, or 11 x 100g, you're in control of the colour explosion you're about to create.

Where to Get Creative:

These dyes are versatile! Dive into melt and pour soap making, where transparent soap bases can become vibrant works of art. Bath salts? Check. DIY bath bombs? Absolutely. Lotions? Yup. Liquid soap and shampoo? Oh, you bet!

Stay Mindful:

There's a no-go zone – these dyes aren't meant for oil-based products, water-based lip products, or candle making. Let's keep the focus on all things bath and body goodness.

The Art of Dyeing:

Gloves on, surfaces covered – you're ready to roll! Start with a few drops of dye, mix it in, and watch the transformation. Want more colour? Go for it! You're the artist here.

Create Your Palette:

Mix and match shades like a pro! Blend different colours to create your own unique hues. But wait, there's more – take notes of your creations so you can replicate your artistic genius later. Consistency is the key to colourful success.

Remember, Test and Explore:

Colours may vary depending on your chosen base and how much colour you use. Start small, experiment, and let your inner colour scientist shine.

Unveiling the Colours:

Now, here's the thing – the colours in these images are just examples. They might look a tad different on your screen and in real life. But hey, that's the beauty of handmade creations!

So, whether you're crafting soap, whipping up bath bombs, or adding colour to your lotions, this eleven pack is your ticket to a world of endless possibilities. Get ready to unleash your creativity and let those colours fly!


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