Spirulina Powder


Get ready to infuse some mossy magic into your bath and body creations with the fabulous power of spirulina – also known as 'Anthrospira platensis.'

Add vibrant, 100% natural colour to your bath and body products while also offering a host of amazing benefits. This vibrant algae isn't just about colour; it might even be kind to your skin!

 A Splash of Mother Nature's Beauty:

Spirulina isn't your average colorant; it's like a green secret weapon for your creations. With its cool mossy green hue, it brings a breath of fresh air and vitality to your bath and body products. Talk about a visual treat!

Versatility in Formulations:

Whether you're a soap sourcerer, a bath bomb extraordinaire, a scrub aficionado, or a lotion whiz, spirulina is your trusty sidekick for adding that pop of green. Its flexibility knows no bounds, allowing you to whip up relaxing bath time delights or energizing skincare treasures.

A Friendly Reminder on Usage:

Want to make the most of spirulina's magic? Start by giving it a little sip of water or alcohol before blending it into your recipe 50/50 ratio. Keep in mind that the shade of green can play a little hide and seek depending on factors like your product's pH and how much spirulina you sprinkle in. That's why we always suggest giving it a whirl in small test batches until you've nailed that perfect green. 

And don't be surprised if you spot a few natural fibres on the soap's surface – they add a charming, rustic touch to your creation!

So, get ready to splash some natural, vibrant hues into your products and let your creativity shine. With a shelf life of 2 years, you've got plenty of time to experiment and create stunning bath and body goodies! 

Disclaimer Dance:

Before you dive into spirulina adventures, remember this info is for learning and fun – educational purposes, if you will. We trust your judgment to use this green goodness wisely, and Blaze & Foam Pty Ltd. won't be held accountable for any mishaps (green explosions included). This advice isn't a stamp of approval from Blaze & Foam Pty Ltd., so do your homework. Always take a peek at the Material Safety Data Sheet, Specification Sheet, and ingredient labels on your products when you shop. Plus, we're huge fans of small-scale testing before going all-in.

P.S. Blaze & Foam Pty Ltd. doesn't serve up any food-grade raw materials, and that means no GST-waiving here.



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