Blaze & Foam

RED Body and Soap Colour


We've brought the fiery red vibes to the party, and it's like the colour of passion and excitement just walked Let's dive into the world of RED Body and Soap Colour and get ready for a burst of bold creativity!

Vegan and Palm Oil Free:

Kudos for keeping things eco-friendly! You're whispering a green secret while making your creations pop with vibrant colour. 

RED Elegance:

That's RED – a hue that's the embodiment of boldness and romance. Hello, red-hot creativity!

Effortless Enchantment:

Water soluble and concentrated? It's like a colour genie granted your wish for easy and vibrant hues. Ready to add a dash of magic to your creations?

Soap and Bath Bomb Delight:

This little bottle of enchantment is your ticket to soap and bath bomb wonders. Transparent soap base? Check. Bath salts? Check. DIY bath bombs and beyond? Triple check!

A Symphony of Applications:

From lotions to liquid soap and shampoo, RED Body and Soap Colour is here to turn your personal care routine into a vibrant rainbow. It's like painting with colour-infused raindrops!

Limits of Loveliness:

It knows where it shines the brightest – fantastic for specific applications, but not for oil-based or water-based lip products. It's like the guest of honour at a party, but only for certain events!

Colourful Adventures Await:

Ready, set, create! Start with a few drops, mix, and watch the magic unfold. It's like becoming a colour magician with every swirl.

Shades of Creativity:

Take notes of bases, additives, and fragrances for replication. It's like capturing the essence of your colourful journey – a scent scientist on a mission!

Unpredictable Palette:

The colours achieved are like hidden treasures waiting to be uncovered. Each product is like a canvas for your artistic imagination.

Start Small, Dream Big:

Begin your colour exploration with a small quantity for testing. It's like planting colourful seeds of possibility.

Mischief in Visuals:

These images might play a bit of a colour trick – they can vary. But that's what makes each creation uniquely yours! Your artistic touch has the final say.

So, gloves on, surfaces prepped, and let RED Body and Soap Colour be your guide into a world of radiant and passionate creations! 


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