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PURPLE Body and Soap Colour


Dive into the enchanting realm of vegan and palm oil-free body and soap colour. It's more than just colour; it's a journey of artistic expression and captivating creativity.

Introducing the illustrious PURPLE Body and Soap Colour that's here to transform your creations into works of art. This isn't just any dye; it's a concentrated liquid pigment that's been tailor-made for your personal care treasures. It's time to take your products to the next level, infusing them with a vibrancy that's hard to ignore.

Crafted for Ease:

Picture craftsmanship meeting simplicity. PURPLE effortlessly blends into your creations, ensuring consistent and stunning results each and every time you use it. No more colour mishaps – just pure artistic perfection.

Versatile Virtuoso:

PURPLE isn't a one-trick pony. It's a versatile superstar that shines across an array of applications – from melt and pour soap to bath salts, DIY bath bombs, lotions, liquid soap, and even shampoo. Consider it your creative companion for all your personal care adventures.

Blend and Blaze:

Unleash your inner colour artist by mixing PURPLE with other body and soap colour shades. Create your custom hues and let your creativity run wild. It's a canvas, and you're the painter.


Guiding Lights: Best Practices

Guardian Gloves:

Before you embark on your colour journey, don your protective gloves. Keep your hands stain-free and your artistry uninterrupted.

Start Small, Dream Big:

Begin with a few drops of PURPLE and gradually build up the intensity. It's like adding brush strokes to a canvas – one layer at a time.

Champion of Notes:

Make note of your concoctions. Your base ingredients, additives, and fragrances – they all play a role. Keeping records ensures your artistic triumphs can be recreated without a hitch.

Experimentation is Key:

Every artist experiments, and you're no exception. Since results can dance to different tunes based on quantities and base products, let your experimentation guide you towards colour nirvana.

Forbidden Territory: 

While PURPLE reigns supreme in many realms, there are a couple of places it won't venture – oil-based products and water-based lip products. A realm's got to have its boundaries, right?

Set Your Creativity Free

Step into the PURPLE world and let your imagination flow. From vibrant melt and pour soaps to bewitching bath salts, invigorating bath bombs, and calming lotions – your creations will bloom with the hues of "Amethyst," enchanting the senses and elevating your self-care rituals.

A word to the wise:

The colours you see in images are guides, not guarantees. Real-life outcomes might tango differently due to base ingredients and quantities. 


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