Blaze & Foam

PINK Body and Soap Colour


Vegan and Palm Oil Free:

A body and soap colour that's kind to the environment? Count us in for this eco-friendly adventure! 



Water soluble and concentrated? Talk about user-friendly magic! It's like a colour wizard made sure that anyone, from beginners to pros, can conjure up consistent and stunning hues.

Soap and Bath Bomb Bonanza:

This little wonder is the perfect companion for soap and bath bomb lovers. Melt and pour? Check. Bath salts? Check. Bath bombs? Check, check! It's like a colour adventure waiting to happen in your soap-making laboratory.

Bath-Time Magic:

From lotions to liquid soap and shampoos, this colour has you covered. It's like adding a touch of enchantment to every step of your personal care routine.

Know Your Limits:

It's like this colour is a party guest that knows where it's welcome. It's all about personal space – great for certain applications, but not for oil-based or water-based lip products.

Colourful Playtime:

Gloves on, bench covered – you're all set for your colourful masterpiece! Start with a few drops and let the magic unfold. Mix and match to create your own palette of hues. It's like being a mad scientist, but with vibrant potions instead of bubbling beakers.

Testing, Testing:

A word of wisdom – the colours achieved will be like a surprise gift, depending on how much colour you add and the base you're using. It's like embarking on a colourful treasure hunt with each creation!

Stay Curious:

Colours displayed in these images might be a bit like playful chameleons – they can vary. But isn't that the exciting part? Each creation is like an artistic fingerprint, uniquely beautiful.


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