Pack of 9 x Kaiser Liquid Candle Colours - liquiDYE 10g, 50g or 100g


It's like a colourful rainbow party for your candle-making adventures.

Pack of 9: This is like a treasure trove of colours, with 9 hues ready to transform your candle wax into works of art. The colours in the pack include red, yellow, pink, green, orange, blue, bordeaux, violet, and black.

Choose Your Adventure:

You're the master of your candle-making destiny! You get to choose the pack size that suits your creative cravings – whether it's 10 x 10g, 10 x 50g, or 10 x 100g. More dye, more possibilities!

A Colourful Note:

Individual Bottles: If you're in the mood for only separate individual bottles of dye, no worries! There are other options for that. But hey, this 9 pack is all about variety and a spectrum of shades.

Candle Canvas Creations:

Concentrated Dye: Get ready to infuse your candle wax with intense colour! This dye is like a magician's trick, turning plain wax into robust, shiny, and beautifully coloured candles.

The Dye Dance:

Time to get your creative hands dirty (in the most colourful way)! Add the liquiDYE drops to your melted wax, starting with just 1 drop. Watch the transformation as the dye dissolves into the wax.

Dosage Guidance:

This is like your candle colouring compass. The guide suggests using 0.1%-0.2% by weight. Remember, small batches are your best friend – testing is the key to finding that perfect shade.

Staining Alert:

This is a friendly reminder to lay down your creative battlefield protection – cover your benches, wear gloves, and put on an apron. LiquiDYE might just get a little carried away with its enthusiasm and stain your surfaces, clothes, and hands!

Origin of Brilliance:

Made in Germany: These dyes are like a piece of Germany's colourful magic, ready to bring life to your candles.

More Info Ahead:

Click for SDS: Safety first! If you want more detailed information about the dyes, there's an SDS (Safety Data Sheet) waiting for you to explore.

Click for TDS: Technical details, anyone? The TDS (Technical Data Sheet) is your roadmap to understanding the dyes' characteristics and best practices.

So, are you ready to dive into a sea of colours and turn your candle-making dreams into colourful reality? It's time to let your creativity shine as bright as these liquiDYE shades!

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