Oxford Medium Glass Jar Frosted White With Bamboo or Acacia Lid For candle making


Meet the Oxford White Frosted Glass, ready to add a touch of frosty magic to your space!

Sporting a frosty white finish, it's the epitome of elegance, promising to add a touch of winter wonderland to your home, regardless of the season.

Built Tough: We've ditched the delicate hand-blown method for a sturdier moulded approach. More glass, less gasps from breakages!

Quantities Galore: Whether you're in the mood for a solo candle session, a dozen enchantments, or a full frosty fiesta of 24, we’ve got you!

Quick Frosty Facts:

Dimensions: Standing pretty at 84mm, with a diameter that's just right at 72mm.

Wax Wisdom: Got 180 grams of wax? Perfect fit! And with soy wax, you’re looking at a snowy 33-hour glow.

Lid Love: Each of our icy queens comes crowned with its own lid. Bamboo or acacia, take your pick! Plus, with a seal as tight as a snowman's scarf, it keeps the fragrance in and the dust out.

Need Extra Lids?  Don’t worry; we’ve got a stash. Whether you're team Acacia or Bamboo, just holler, and we'll hook you up.

Friendly Nudge: Every candle has its own flame story, so always test to find yours.


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