Blaze & Foam

ORANGE Body and Soap Colour


Orange dreams are in full swing!

Vegan and Palm Oil Free:

Eco-friendly vibes continue! It's like you're painting your creations with a burst of colour and a sprinkle of kindness towards the Earth. 

ORANGE Radiance:

Imagine the brilliance of a glowing campfire and the energy of a playful tiger, all captured in a little bottle. ORANGE – a colour that roars with vibrancy and spirit. Hello, zest and zeal!

Ease of Excellence:

Water soluble and concentrated? Yes! It's like having a master painter's palette at your fingertips, ready to add a pop of orange perfection to your creations.

Soap and Bath Bomb Wonders:

This little vial of enchantment is your golden ticket to soap and bath bomb wonders. Transparent soap base? Check. Bath salts? Check. DIY bath bombs and more? Let's ignite the orange adventure!

A Symphony of Creativity:

From lotions to liquid soap and shampoo, ORANGE Body and Soap Colour is here to inject a burst of orange vibrance into your personal care products. It's like adding a splash of sunrise to your daily routine.

Limits of Loveliness:

It knows where it shines the brightest – perfect for specific applications, but not for oil-based or water-based lip products. 

Colourful Expressions Begin:

Gloves on, workspace covered – let the orange exploration commence! Start with a few drops, mix, and watch as your creations come alive with a zestful hue. Mixing shades is like orchestrating a vibrant melody.

A Symphony of Replication:

Note down bases, additives, and fragrances – you're now a scent and colour maestro. 

Uncover the Unseen:

The colours achieved are like hidden treasures waiting to be unveiled. Each product becomes a canvas for your artistic expression.

Start Small, Dream Big:

Begin your journey with a small quantity for testing. It's like planting a tiny seed of colour that's ready to bloom into a spectrum of vibrancy.

Colours in Play: 

These images might play a bit of colour hide-and-seek – they can vary. But that's part of the fun, right? Each creation paints its own vivid story.


So, slip on those gloves, let your workspace be a canvas, and let ORANGE Body and Soap Colour lead you into a world of spirited and zestful possibilities! 


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