Liquid Hand Soap Making Kit


Get ready to dive into the world of creating your very own personalized hand soap with this fantastic kit. Let's break down what's included and what kind of soap magic you're in for:

Ingredients of Enchantment:

  • 500ml Liquid Crystal Soap Base: Your canvas for soap artistry! This is where your soap dreams will come to life, transforming into a luxurious and crystal-clear hand soap.

  • 50 ml Fragrance Oil: Ah, the aroma! You get to pick from a selection of fragrance oil options to infuse your soap with a delightful scent. Imagine your hands being enveloped in a fragrant embrace every time you wash them.

  • Water Based Colourant: Time to add a touch of colour magic to your soap masterpiece! This colorant will transform your soap base into a visually appealing liquid delight.

  • Salt: Oh, salty surprise! Salt might just be a secret ingredient in your soap-making adventure. It's like a little dash of creativity that adds that extra something to your soap.

  • Soap Making Guide: Consider this your soap-making treasure map! The guide will lead you through the steps, making sure your soap creation journey is smooth and delightful.

Soap Crafting Fun: It's like an art project, science experiment, and spa day all rolled into one. You'll mix, blend, and create your own luxurious liquid crystal hand soap. The fragrance will tickle your senses, the colour will mesmerize your eyes, and the process will ignite your inner soap-making maestro.

A Note on the Pump: Just a heads-up – the pump isn't included in the kit. The photo with the pump is like a little teaser of how chic and functional your finished soap bottle could look.

So, are you ready to turn liquid crystal soap base, fragrance oil, colorant, and a sprinkle of salt into your very own luxurious liquid hand soap? Get ready to lather up in creativity, treat your senses, and wash your hands in a little touch of magic! 

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