RED Kaiser Liquid Candle Colour - liquiDYE


Kaiser liquiDYE will jazz up your candle game with vibrant red goodness! Oh, and it's made in Germany - we're talking about quality here!

This red liquiDYE is like a concentrated potion brewed just for colouring candle wax. It’s not the right fit for soap or bath bomb adventures - their party is over here. Let's keep the spotlight on candles. 

Imagine this: you add a dash of this liquiDYE to your liquid wax, and boom! You get a vibrant, shiny colour that blends oh-so-easily. No need to wait around - it dissolves like magic in a jiffy. Plus, you can add it when the wax is lounging at low temperatures. 

The Dye Dance:

Melt your wax, and once it's all liquid-y and ready for action, introduce the liquiDYE drops. Stir, stir, stir - until that dye's totally partying with the wax, creating a harmonious colour explosion.

Dose it Right:

The recommended dosage is 0.1%-0.2% by weight. That means a little goes a long way in the color department. Testing in small batches is the ultimate key. Your chosen wax plays a role in this color play, after all.

Starry Stains:

Wait, there's a caution - this liquiDYE can stain. So, cover your surfaces. Gloves? Check. Apron? Check.

Know Your Colours:

Curious about all the technical deets? Click for SDS (Safety Data Sheet) and TDS (Technical Data Sheet). We're diving deep into the colour cosmos!

So, get ready to infuse your candles with that pop of red using Kaiser liquiDYE. 

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