PINK Kaiser Liquid Candle Colour - liquiDYE


Dive into Kaiser's colour universe with the lovely hue of pink for your candle creations.

This dye is a candle's best friend, not so much for soap or bath bombs. They have their own colour party going on here!

Imagine a pink that's strong, shiny, and oh-so-vibrant. This liquiDYE is all about creating a colour spectacle. It's like the fastest party guest to arrive – it blends seamlessly into liquid wax, even when things are a bit chilly. Ice, ice, baby!

Colour Mixology:

Melt your wax, and when it's all in its liquid glory, drop in the liquiDYE. Stir, swirl, and twirl until that pink dances with the wax like they're soulmates. Let the colour love story unfold!

Measure with Care:

The recommended dosage is 0.1%-0.2% by weight. That's the sweet spot to ensure your colour game is on point. And yes, test this magical pink in small batches. Your wax choice plays its part, after all.

Handle with Love (and Gloves):

Pink stains can be pretty, but not when they're over your space. So cover up your surfaces, wear those gloves, rock that apron.

Bonus Deets:

For all the technical know-how, the SDS (Safety Data Sheet) and TDS (Technical Data Sheet) are here for you to explore. We're diving deep into the details!

The German Touch:

And yes, it's made with love in Germany, the land of precision and quality. 

With Kaiser's liquiDYE in pink, your candle creations are bound to steal the show with their pink-hued glory. It's time to infuse your candles with that pink panache!

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