GREEN Kaiser Liquid Candle Colour - liquiDYE


Green means go, go, go for your candle-making adventure with Kaiser liquiDYE! 

Vivid Green Vibes:

It's like bringing the beauty of nature into your candles. This concentrated dye is all about turning your wax into a gorgeous shade of green that's perfect for container candles.

Candle Magic, Not Soap Magic:

Just a gentle reminder that this dye is like a candle-exclusive wizard. It's not meant for soap or bath bomb making, but hey, that's what other dyes are for!

Shine Bright Like a Candle:

Robust and Shiny Result: This dye grants your candles a strong and shiny colour that will catch eyes and hearts.

Dye Dance Instructions:

Dye Incorporation: It's like a little colour party in your wax! Once your wax is all liquified, it's time to add the liquiDYE drops. Give it a stir, and watch the magic unfold as the dye dissolves.

Dosage Delight:

Recommended Dosage: 0.1%-0.2% of the dye's weight. Experiment with small batches to find the green of your dreams.

Watch and Learn:

Demonstration Video: Who doesn't love a show-and-tell? There's a demo video to give you a visual guide on how to work your dye magic.

Staining Alert:

Just like keeping your canvas clean while painting, it's important to protect your surfaces from staining. Gloves, an apron, and prepared surfaces are like your creative armour against the staining potential of LiquiDYE.

Origin of Brilliance:

Made in Germany: This dye's roots are from Germany, where it's been perfected to bring your candles to life.

Dig Deeper:

Click for SDS: Safety is priority number one! If you want detailed info about safety, there's an SDS (Safety Data Sheet) just a click away.

Click for TDS: Technical details intrigue you? The TDS (Technical Data Sheet) has got all the insights you need about this dye's properties.

Ready to infuse your candles with the enchanting hue of green? Let's add a dash of nature's beauty to your candle creations and make them shine like never before! 

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