BLUE Kaiser Liquid Candle Colour- liquiDYE


Sail into the vibrant world of Kaiser's liquiDYE. This time, it's all about the cool and serene shade of blue. 

Just a quick heads-up: this liquid candle dye is all about candles, not for soap or bath bomb parties. They're doing their own colourful thing!

Shine Bright, Blue Light:

Picture this: a blue that's robust and shiny, turning your candles into works of art. This liquiDYE is like that guest who's always on time for the party – it mixes effortlessly into liquid wax, even when things are a bit chilly. No need to wait around!

Mixing Masterclass:

Let's get our mix on: Melt your wax until it's all liquid gold, then add those liquiDYE drops. Stir, swirl, and blend until the dye and the wax are dancing in harmony. Let the colour symphony begin!

Measure with Finesse:

The recommended dosage remains the same: 0.1%-0.2% by weight. And yes, testing in small batches is your secret weapon. Your wax choice? It's a star player too!

Color Kindness (and Gloves):

Remember, blue stains can be stylish, but not on your clothes, or surfaces! So, cover your space, slip on those gloves, and rock that apron. 

Extra Intel:

For all the technical tidbits, the SDS (Safety Data Sheet) and TDS (Technical Data Sheet) are your guides to the blue universe. We're diving deep into the details!

German Excellence:

It’s crafted with precision in Germany, the land of engineering marvels and quality craftsmanship. 

So there you have it! With Kaiser's liquiDYE in blue, your candle creations are about to make waves with their ocean-inspired charm. 

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