BLACK Kaiser Liquid Candle Colour - liquiDYE


 Kaiser liquiDYE is about to take your candle-making adventure to the next level!  Get ready to embrace this captivating black shade

Step into the world of liquiDYE, the concentrated colour wizard designed exclusively for candle wax. Just remember, while candles are cheering, soaps and bath bombs aren't invited to this colour party. There’re here.

Shine On, Night Sky:

Picture this: your candles adorned with a captivating black hue that gleams with intensity. liquiDYE is like a secret weapon – it gives your candles that hypnotic shine that's hard to resist. Just add a touch of magic, and voila!

Mix and Marvel:

Melt your wax until it's liquid gold, then introduce the liquiDYE drops. Stir, swirl, and let the magic unfold as the dye and wax dance in perfect harmony. It's like watching a cOlive ballet!

Temperature Flexibility:

Here's the best part – this dye is a flexible friend. You can add it even when your wax is chilling at lower temperatures. Talk about convenience! Let's just say, it's all about making your candle-making journey smoother than ever.

Colour Eternity:

Wave goodbye to fading colours! LiquiDYE is like a colour guardian, ensuring your candles maintain their brilliance over time. No more worries about hues losing their charm.

Budget-Friendly Brilliance:

Oh, and did we mention? You get all this colour magic without emptying your piggy bank. liquiDYE is all about cost-effectiveness without compromising on quality. It's like getting the best of both worlds!

Dye Like a Pro:

Elevate your candle game with this simple recipe: Melt, add liquiDYE, and stir until it dissolves. Easy-peasy, right?

Measure to Perfection:

For the perfect potion, use 0.1% to 0.2% of liquiDYE based on your wax's weight. A sprinkle of science and a dash of magic! Testing in small batches is key – think of it as your color experiment lab.

Beware the Stains (and Embrace the Gloves):

Black stains might look dramatic, but not on your clothes, or surfaces! Play it safe – gear up with gloves, an apron, and protect your space. 

German Excellence:

Crafted in the heart of precision, Kaiser liquiDYE proudly hails from Germany. 


For more behind-the-scenes info and safety details, dive into the SDS and TDS provided.


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