Introduction to Melt & Pour Soap Making Kit


Create six bars of your own translucent soap at home! This soap making kit is perfect for beginners to learn the basics.

Eager to whip up some luxurious lather and save big while you're at it, our melt and pour soap starter kit is the ultimate soap-crafting bundle. Ideal for sudsy newbies, this kit has everything you need to dive into the world of soap crafting. It's time to unleash your inner soap maestro and create stunning bars of soap that'll leave everyone lathering up for more! 

Usage: In the world of soap crafting, the melt and pour method is your easiest go-to, and the best part – no lye required! It's as easy as melting the soap base, adding your favourite fragrance and colour, then simply pouring it into moulds to set. 

What's included:

Our fantastic melt and pour soap making kit has got you covered with all the essentials. Inside, you'll discover all the essentials for your sudsy adventure, including high-quality ingredients, handy tools, and instructions that guide you through each step of the process. 

  • A generous 1 KG block of clear Stephenson Crystal PF base – a vegetable-derived, palm oil-free soap base crafted from Rapeseed Stearic & Coconut Oil.
  • Three 10ml fragrance oils to choose from (check out the options below).
  • A trusty litre-sized plastic long nose pouring jug.
  • Your choice of one soap dye from our selection (take your pick from the options below).
  • One digital scale
  • A silicone oval mould for your creative designs.
  • Two bamboo wooden stirrers to mix up your magic.
  • A set of easy-to-follow instructions to guide you every step of the way.
  • And last but not least, a glass thermometer to keep things just right.

With this kit in hand, you're all set to dive into the exciting world of melt and pour soap crafting! 

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