HTP 136 -150mm Long - (20mm x 6mm Tab)


🌟 Step into the Limelight with HTP 136! 🌟

Ahoy, candle connoisseurs! Feast your senses on the elegance of HTP 136! Tailored for those posh tins and glittering glassware, this wick isn't just a wick - it's a gateway to ambiance. Dive into its features and see why it's the toast of the candle town!

Stature of Sophistication: Standing at a graceful 150mm, it’s like the tall, dark, and handsome protagonist of a classic romance novel.

Glow Galore: A burn diameter of 68mm? That's a light show waiting to happen! But wait, there's more. Our wick guide can tell you tales of many such luminous legends.

Steadfast & Sturdy: With a tab size of 20mm x 6.0mm x 3.0mm, it’s not just stable; it’s rock-solid. Think of it as the anchor in the stormy sea of melting wax.

Siblings in Shine: CDN lovers, rejoice! The HTP 136 plays a similar diameter to the CDN20. They're like the dynamic duo of the wick world!

Standout Qualities: Self-trimming? Check. Robust stance? Double-check. Crafted with fibres of the finest kind, this wick is the knight in shining armor for your candles, especially those with a zesty twist of additives. A standing ovation for its resilience!

A Gentle Reminder: While the HTP 136 boasts of its prowess, remember - every candle recipe is like a secret potion. It's unique, just like its creator (psst, that's you!). So, get those lab goggles on and experiment away to strike the perfect balance of brilliance!

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