HTP 52 -150mm Long (20 x 6 mm Tab)


Prepare to be dazzled! Because when HTP 52 enters the scene, you know things are about to get LIT. 

A Beacon of Grandeur: Standing tall and proud at 150mm, with a glow spreading a generous 38mm diameter, this wick isn’t just any ordinary piece of string. It’s a beacon of beauty, crafted meticulously for your candles!

Tab Talk: Boasting a sturdy tab size of 20mm x 6.0mm x 2.4mm, it promises to hold its ground, come what may. Melting wax? Pfft, child's play for this champ!

The Lone Ranger: Looking for its CDN equivalent? The HTP 52 doesn't play by those rules. It's a maverick, with no direct CDN twin. Talk about being unique!

Yearning for More Yarns on Wicks? Dive deep into the world of wicks with our enlightening wick guide. Every wick has a story, and we've penned them down for your delight!

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