HTP 31 - 150mm Long (15mm x 3mm Tab)


Transform your ambiance with HTP 31 – the expertly crafted candle wick that promises a consistent and beautiful burn.


Length: A harmonious 150mm.
Burn Diameter: Achieve a delightful 33mm glowing halo.
Tab Size: Securely anchored with dimensions – 15mm x 3.8mm x 2.4mm.

Remember to test, test and test again! The above specs are only a starting point.

Origins and Quality: 
Proudly made in the U.S.A by the renowned Atkins & Pearce, HTP 31 is a testament to exceptional craftsmanship and unwavering quality.

Being both pre-tabbed and pre-primed, HTP 31 offers the ease of ready-to-use efficiency. This wick ensures a steady flame and minimizes soot, enhancing the candle's overall performance.

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