Blaze & Foam

GREEN Body and Soap Colour


Step into a lush forest, where every leaf and blade of grass is painted with the enchanting hue of GREEN. Now, envision infusing this captivating beauty into your bath and body creations. 

Vegan and Palm Oil Free:

Eco-friendly vibes are in full bloom! It's like Mother Nature herself is giving you a thumbs-up for crafting beauty without harming her. 

GREEN Elegance:

Imagine the lushness of a hidden garden and the vibrancy of emeralds, captured in liquid form. GREEN – a colour that's both soothing and striking, like a stroll through nature's masterpiece.

Ease of Enchantment:

Water soluble and concentrated? Yes! It's like having a colour fairy in your toolkit, ready to sprinkle instant charm onto your creations. Ready for a splash of magic?

Soap and Bath Bomb Dreams:

This little bottle of delight is your passport to soap and bath bomb wonderland. Transparent soap base? Check. Bath salts? Check. DIY bath bombs and more? Absolutely!

A Symphony of Possibilities:

From lotions to liquid soap and shampoo, GREEN Body and Soap Colour is here to make your personal care products bloom with a touch of nature's elegance. It's like adding a dash of forest magic to your routine.

Limits of Loveliness:

It knows where it shines the brightest – perfect for certain applications, but not for oil-based or water-based lip products.

Colourful Adventures Begin:

Gloves on, workspace prepped – it's time to dive into your creative universe. Start with a few drops, mix, and watch as your creations come to life. Mixing shades is like painting with the forest's palette.

A Symphony of Replication:

Take notes of bases, additives, and fragrances – become a scent artist. Replicate the magic of your colours, like a master conductor leading a harmonious orchestra.

Unearth the Unexpected:

The colours achieved are like hidden treasures waiting for your artistic exploration. Each product becomes a canvas for your imagination.

Start Small, Blossom Big:

Begin your journey by testing with a small quantity. It's like planting the seeds of colour, waiting for them to bloom into vibrant creations.

Magic in the Visuals:

The colours in images might play a little hide-and-seek – they can vary. But that's part of the fun, right? Each creation tells its own story with the colours you bring to life.

So, glove up, let your creativity roam free, and let GREEN Body and Soap Colour guide you into a world of lush, verdant possibilities!


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