Blaze & Foam

FIRE RED Body and Soap Colour


Infuse the passion and vibrancy of a roaring fire into your soap and bath products. A colour that exudes warmth and energy, capturing the essence of flames dancing in the night. Say hello to FIRE RED, a hue that's destined to elevate your creations to new heights.

A Blaze of Inspiration:

FIRE RED isn't just a colour; it's a burst of creative energy that sets your products apart. Whether you're crafting melt and pour soaps that radiate with vivacity, bath salts that transform your bath into a luxurious retreat, or DIY bath bombs that fizzle with fiery allure, FIRE RED is the color that turns your creations into captivating works of art.

The Spark of Possibilities:

Unleash your artistic potential with the versatility of FIRE RED. Blend it with other shades to concoct your own unique colours, allowing your imagination to run wild.

Guiding Your Flare:

Here's how to channel the fiery spirit of FIRE RED into your creations:

Guard Your Artistry: Wear gloves to keep your hands free from staining and protect your workspace. This ensures that your creative process remains as vibrant as the result.

Start Small, Ignite Big: Begin with a few drops of FIRE RED and let your creation gradually come alive. Like adding logs to a fire, each drop adds to the intensity of the colour.

Capture the Blaze: Document your chosen bases, additives, and fragrances. This record serves as your guide to recreating your fiery brilliance with precision.

Experiment and Illuminate: FIRE RED is an ever-changing canvas, with outcomes influenced by quantities and ingredients. Starting with a small quantity during your initial experimentation is key.

Limits of the Flames:

While FIRE RED fuels your creativity, it has its boundaries – it's not suited for oil-based products or water-based lip products. Keep this in mind as you explore its blazing potential.

Colours Alive, Not Captured: A Friendly Reminder:

As you embark on this adventure, remember that the images you see offer a glimpse of the possibilities. The final result will dance to the tune of your chosen base ingredients and quantities. Start small, and let FIRE RED guide you towards crafting soap and bath bomb masterpieces that embody the essence of fiery passion.

Your Inferno of Creation Begins:

Ready to infuse your creations with the fervour of FIRED RED? Begin your journey with a small quantity and watch as your imagination ignites. Let FIRE RED be your guiding light as you craft soap and bath bomb wonders that evoke the spirit of flames. Your creative blaze starts now, and the canvas is waiting for your fiery touch. 


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