BORDEAUX Kaiser Liquid Candle Colour - liquiDYE


Immerse yourself in Kaiser's liquiDYE universe with the rich and luxurious shade of Bordeaux. 

Bordeaux Beauty:

It’s all about the sophistication of Bordeaux – perfect for those chic candles. But remember, while candles are rolling out the red carpet, soaps and bath bombs aren't on the guest list. They’re here.

Shine Bright, Wine Night:

Imagine your candles draped in a bold, shiny Bordeaux colour that's impossible to ignore. liquiDYE is like that celebrity guest – it makes sure your candles shine in the spotlight.

Mixing Mastery:

Ready for your colour concoction dance? Melt your wax into liquid gold, then introduce those liquiDYE drops. Stir, swirl, and let the magic unfold as the dye and wax waltz together. 

Cool Temp Magic:

This dye is like a cool cucumber – you can add it even when your wax is hanging out at low temperatures. Flexibility at its finest!

Colours That Last:

Say goodbye to fading hues! liquiDYE is your colour guardian, ensuring your candles keep their brilliance over time. No more worries about your beautiful Bordeaux losing its charm.

Affordable Brilliance:

This brilliance comes without breaking the bank. liquiDYE is all about cost-effectiveness without compromising quality. It's like magic for your wallet!

Crafting Magic:

Elevate your candle-making game with this simple spell: Melt, add liquiDYE, and stir until the dye becomes one with the wax.

Perfect Portions:

For a magical result, use 0.1% to 0.2% of liquiDYE based on your wax's weight. It's like crafting with precision and a sprinkle of enchantment. Remember, small batch testing is key!

Guard Against Stains (and Embrace the Gear):

Bordeaux stains might look stylish, but not on your clothes, or surfaces! Safety first – wear gloves, don your apron, and safeguard your space. 

German Craftsmanship:

Proudly created in Germany, liquiDYE is a masterpiece in the making. 

For more secrets and safety details, plunge into the SDS and TDS provided.

Let Kaiser liquiDYE transport your candles to a world of Bordeaux charm – your creations are about to shine with their very own luxurious allure. 

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