CDN Stabilo 8 - 150mm Long (20mm x 6mm tab)


 Feast your eyes on this superstar of the wax world: the CDN Stabilo 8! 

Tab-tastic Times Ahead: With pre-tabbing magic, it's raring to jump into your candle creations. And with its pre-primed posture it won't slump or slouch; it stands tall like it’s the king of the candle castle!

Lengthy Luxury: Boasting a chic 150mm, this wick is the supermodel of the candle runway. Long, lean, and oh-so-ready to shine!

Burn, Baby, Burn: A precise burn diameter of 49mm-50mm? Yes, please! This wick doesn’t just burn; it flirts with the wax, creating a perfect glow show.

Tab Talk: Rocking a tab size of 20mm x 6mm x 2.4mm, our CDN Stabilo 8 is like the cool shoes on a snazzy outfit. It's got style; it's got grace, and boy, does it hold its place!

Wick Whisperer: Curious about its match in the world? It's equivalent to the renowned HTP104. Oh, and it's ideal for tea light cups and votive candles.

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