CDN Stabilo 10 - 60mm Long Votive wick (15mm x 3mm Tab)


The adventure of candle-making just got a fun twist with the CDN Stabilo 10 wick, ready to spark up your votives with a touch of German precision! This pre-tabbed and pre-primed knight of light is here to escort your candle creations into a realm of steady flames and cozy ambiance.

Hailing from the ingenious workshops of Wedo in Germany, this wick is a story of all-natural threads twined together with love and expertise. 

Length: A lofty 60mm, standing tall amidst wax and whispering tales of gentle flames!
Burn Diameter: A radiant 52mm
Tab Size: 15mm x 3.8mm x 2.4mm
HTP equivalent: N/A 

And when it comes to igniting the sparks in tealight cups and votives, the CDN Stabilo 10 is your trusty companion, waving the flag of ideal wick choice!

Your journey in the land of candle-making is a saga of exploration, of finding that perfect harmony between wax, dye, and fragrance oil. Each choice you make, every experiment you embark upon, brings you closer to discovering your signature candle saga.




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