Blaze & Foam

Candlepreneur Intermediate Candle Retreat - Mornington



Got a burning passion for candles? Turn that sizzling hobby into some serious ka-ching! Dive deep into the waxy world of candle-making and emerge as the ultimate candlepreneur! 

Friday Night – Let’s Party with Plans!
5.30pm to 8.30pm: Kickstart the weekend with some fizzy fun! Choose between bubbly or juice, while you enjoy a shared vegan tasting platter.
Dive deep into business-y stuff - your dreams, buying and selling, your niche, and all that jazz. Get ready to profit like a pro!

Saturday – Get Those Hands Waxy!

10am to 6pm: Prepare for a candle-icious day! Treat yourself to vegan morning tea, lunch, and afternoon tea included.
Learn all about those massage oil candles (ooo la la!), soy wax melts, and cute tea lights.
Got candle woes? Bring 'em! An experienced guru is here to help.
Create & take! Choose from a fragrance library that's phthalate-free.
Boost your skills with wick-y science and the magic of troubleshooting.

Sunday – Shine On, Business Star!

9am to 2.30pm: Vegan brunch included.
Become a marketing maven and brand like Beyoncé!
Perfect those container candles and let them sparkle!

Heads-Up!  Accommodation and travel are not included.

Bonus Round: Need some candle supplies goodies? Shop online, grab that discount, and skip the shipping! We';ll have your supplies ready for collection at the retreat.

Tiny Print: Let’s keep things breezy and fun, but skim those terms and conditions. And hey, we need at least 5 fabulous folks for this retreat. If we're a few short, we might need to reshuffle dates a bit!

So, what are you waiting for? Light up your entrepreneurial spirit and let's get this candle party started! 
If you're a beginner, please see our beginner retreat instead.

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