Blaze & Foam

Azure BLUE Body and Soap Colour


A world where your creations come alive with vibrant melt and pour soaps, captivating bath salts, fizzing bath bombs, luxurious lotions, and more – all adorned in the mesmerizing shades of BLUE. This isn't just colour; it's an expression of artistry and a celebration of self-care.

Embrace the Effortlessness:

Applying BLUE to your bath and products is like experiencing a seamless dance of colours. This user-friendly colorant effortlessly weaves its magic, ensuring that your creations consistently radiate brilliance. Say goodbye to colour inconsistencies and hello to a world of harmonious hues.

Versatility That Inspires:

BLUE isn't just a colour; it's an alchemical ingredient that can transform a multitude of creations. Whether you're immersed in the craft of melt and pour soap, experimenting with bath salts, conjuring up bath bombs, concocting lotions, formulating liquid soap, or even designing shampoos, BLUE becomes your steadfast partner in the realm of creativity.

Unleash Your Inner Artist:

With BLUE, your creativity knows no bounds. Mix and match, blend and layer – the possibilities are endless. This is your artistic playground, where you're free to create your own signature colours that reflect your unique vision.

Crafting Perfection: A Path to Brilliance:

Safety's Embrace:

Don your protective gloves to prevent any unintended colour on your hands, and ensure your workspace is well-covered for a seamless experience.

Start Small, Dream Big:

Begin with a few drops of BLUE and watch as your creation transforms. Slowly build up the intensity until you've captured the desired shade, just like an artist layering strokes on a canvas.

Chronicler of Success:

Take note of your journey – jot down your base ingredients, additives, and the fragrances you choose. This journal of creation ensures that your masterpiece can be replicated without missing a beat.

Embrace the Experiment:

Brace yourself for a dynamic journey with BLUE. Results will shift based on the quantity of colour used and the base ingredients. Start with a small quantity for those initial experiments, and watch as your colour mastery evolves.

Know Its Limits:

While BLUE is your creative ally, there are boundaries it won't cross – oil-based products and water-based lip products are a no-go zone for this colorant.

Colours of Reality: A Friendly Reminder:

As you embark on this chromatic adventure, remember that the colours you see in images are guideposts, not certainties. The outcome will dance to the tune of your chosen base ingredients and quantities. Start small, and let BLUE be your muse as you craft soap and bath bomb masterpieces that enchant the senses.

Begin Your BLUE Odyssey:

Ready to infuse your creations with the allure of BLUE? Start with a small quantity and let your imagination flow. Unleash the artist within, and let Azure guide you towards a world of colour-infused wonders that celebrate both craft and self-care. Your journey starts now, and the possibilities are as vast as the ocean's horizon. 


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