Blaze & Foam

BLACK Body and Soap Colour


Dive into the mystique of BLACK, the shade that's the answer to your DIY dreams! Imagine a soap so dark, it makes midnight jealous, or a bath bomb that fizzes like a shadow in the water. BLACK is not just a colour; it's the VIP pass to the coolest crafting club in town.

BLACK: The New Black:

Who knew that BLACK could be so... well, black? It's the Houdini of dyes, transforming a plain bath into a pool of cosmic wonder. This colour plays nice with every kind of concoction, from soaps to shampoos, turning your bathroom into a gallery of chic.


Master of Disguises:

Start with a speck of BLACK, and build it up until you’ve got the gothic palace of your dreams. It's like that little black dress of the craft world—never out of style and always on point.


The Dos and Don'ts:

Even BLACK has its no-fly zone. It’s the rebel that won't play with oil-based products or pouty lip stuff. 


Shades of Genius:

Remember, the BLACK you see on-screen may not be the BLACK you get in the tub. But that's part of the adventure—each creation is a surprise party waiting to happen.


So, are you ready to start your affair with BLACK? Go on, give that soap a swirl of mystery, a lotion a touch of darkness, and let your inner Picasso out to play. It’s time to turn the page to your BLACK chapter of crafting!

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