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MEDIUM Wood lid - Acacia


These acacia medium candle lids are the perfect finishing touch for your candles, adding a touch of natural beauty to your creations! 

  • Pure Natural Beauty: Crafted from 100% natural acacia, these lids exude the charm of real wood. No paint, just the authentic beauty of nature.

  • Variety in Every Lid: Thanks to the natural nature of acacia, each lid is a unique piece with variations in the wood grain. It's like having a piece of art on every candle.

  • Sealed Freshness: These lids are not just about looks; they also feature a soft silicone seal. It fits comfortably inside the Medium Oxford Glass jar, keeping dust out and preserving that delightful fragrance between uses.

  • Size and Details: TBA. These lids are designed to fit the Medium Oxford Glass.

Remember, the lighting in photography might not capture the precise colour of acacia, but that's part of its natural appeal. So, if you're aiming to elevate the look of your candles while maintaining their freshness, these acacia lids are an excellent choice! 

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