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CELESTE - BLUE Body and Soap Colour


You've got the ocean's tranquility and the sky's vastness bottled up in a colour potion!  Let's dive into the world of CELESTE BLUE Body and Soap Colour and explore the soothing shades of blue.

Vegan and Palm Oil Free:

Eco-friendly beauty all the way! 

BLUE Serenity:

Imagine the calmness of a serene lake and the depth of a clear sky, all captured in liquid form. CELESTE BLUE – a colour that whispers tranquility and elegance. Like a soothing breath of fresh air!

Ease of Elegance:

Water soluble and concentrated? Yes! It's like having a painter's brush dipped in blue enchantment, ready to grace your creations with a touch of magic. Ready to dive into the blue?

Soap and Bath Bomb Dreams:

This little vial of wonder is your secret to soap and bath bomb symphonies. Transparent soap base? Check. Bath salts? Check. DIY bath bombs and more? The blue adventure is yours!

A Symphony of Creativity:

From lotions to liquid soap and shampoo, CELESTE BLUE Body and Soap Colour is here to infuse your personal care products with a calming blue vibe. It's like a gentle wave of colour for your routine.

Boundaries of Brilliance:

It knows where it shines the brightest – ideal for specific applications, but not for oil-based or water-based lip products. 

Colourful Explorations Begin:

Glove up, workspace ready – it's time to let your creative waves flow. Start with a few drops, mix, and let the blue magic unfold. 

The Art of Duplication:

Jot down notes of bases, additives, and fragrances you used – become a magician. Replicate your favourite hues like a conductor guiding a harmonious orchestra.

Tiny Steps, Oceanic Dreams:

Begin your creative journey by testing with a small quantity. 

Colours in the Wind:

The shades in these images might play a bit of hide-and-seek – they can vary. But that's the charm, right? Each creation paints its own picture with your blue strokes.


So, gear up with gloves, let the workspace breathe in blue magic, and let CELESTE BLUE Body and Soap Colour lead you into a world of serene and elegant possibilities! 


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