Alkanet Root Powder


Unleash the captivating charm of nature's hues in your soap creations with Alkanet root powder.

This botanical gem offers you the key to unlock the enchanting trio of mauve, burgundy, and pink in your soap, bath bombs, scrubs, and salts.

Nature's Palette Unveiled:

Infuse your soap with the delicate shades of mauve, the rich tones of burgundy, and the subtle blush of pink – all from a single source.

A Dance of pH and Magic:

The secret to achieving the perfect shade lies in the dance between Alkanet root powder and the pH of your soap. As you blend this natural botanical powder, watch as the colours come to life, influenced by the pH of the moment and the magic of your creativity. It's a symphony of chemistry and artistry.

A Splash of Botanical Luxury:

Infuse your chosen carrier oil with Alkanet root powder before weaving it into your cold process or hot process soap. This infusion is your ticket to the perfect hue, allowing you to control the depth and intensity of the colour you desire. It's not just soap-making; it's an artistic endeavour guided by the touch of nature.

A Note of Caution:

As with any artistic journey, there are boundaries to respect. Alkanet root powder offers its beauty to your soap, bath bombs, scrubs, and salts, but it's not suitable for eye or nail products. Keep its charm reserved for the realms where it truly belongs.

Crafting Your Masterpiece:

For 1.5 kg of soap, we suggest you blend 1 to 2 tablespoons of Alkanet root powder into 100 ml of your chosen lightweight carrier oil. Your own testing is required. This fusion is the alchemical formula that transforms your creations into captivating works of art. With each stir, you're embracing the enchantment of colour.

Unveil the Colours of Your Imagination:

Ready to step into a world where colour is your canvas and Alkanet root powder is your brush? Let your creativity flow as you infuse nature's charm into your soap, bath bombs, scrubs, and salts. Explore the spectrum of mauve, burgundy, and pink, and watch your creations flourish with the magic of Alkanet.

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