4 Cavity Circle Silicone Soap & Melts Mould


Get ready to mould your creativity into stunning circle-shaped soap bars, shampoo bars, conditioner bars, or even wax melts with the ultimate silicone mould! It's like your soap-making canvas.

The Circle Chronicles:

Step into the realm of circles – create four exquisite, circular wonders that hold approximately 85 grams each. 

Dimensions Delight:

  • Diameter: A generous 27.8cm – these circles are making a statement!
  • Width: 11cm – giving your creations ample space to shine.
  • Height: A comfortable 2.5cm – enough room for soap magic.

Dishwasher Dance:

No need for elbow grease – this mould loves a good dishwasher session. It's like having a cleaning genie at your service.

Grey Elegance:

The mould wears the shade of elegance – a sophisticated grey that lets your creations take centre stage.

Temperature Warrior:

Withstand temperatures up to a sizzling 200 degrees Celsius. It's like your mould's way of saying, "Bring on the heat!"

Un-Moulding Bliss:

No wrestling matches required – these moulds are all about the easy un-moulding dance. It's like your creations can't wait to see the world.

So, whether you're crafting soap bars that sparkle, shampoo bars that shine, conditioner bars that captivate, or wax melts that whisk you away, this silicone mould is your creative partner-in-crime.

Get ready to mould, craft, and create – your circle-shaped wonders await! 

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