Private Parties

This isn't your average "let's do the cha-cha slide" kind of party. This is an interactive, guided experience that's all about unleashing your inner craft wizard. Imagine you and your besties, (and maybe even a few themed decorations), gathered to celebrate your special day in a way that's as unique as you are. It involves soy candles and handmade soaps that you and your guests create yourselves! Yes, you and your tribe get to be the masters of your creations. Learn more here.

This creative extravaganza can happen on the Mornington Peninsula, where you can practically feel the creativity flowing in the fresh air. Or, if you're all about the digital vibes, we can whisk the fun right into your virtual realm. Melbourne residents, we haven't forgotten about you! We're packing our creativity bags and coming right to your doorstep for a crafting fiesta! And if you're the DIY champion, we've got a special treat: our DIY option!


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DIY Melt & Pour Soap Making KITDIY Melt & Pour Soap Making KIT
DIY Melt & Pour Soap Making KIT Sale price$249.00 AUD
Soy Container Candle Making KIT for 20Soy Container Candle Making KIT for 20
Mobile Candle Bar - Melbourne
Mobile Candle Bar - Melbourne Sale price$1,770.00 AUD
Private Parties: 2 Hour Soy Container Candle Making Event