Strawberry Lip Flavour Oil






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Flavour your lip products with this phthalate free lip safe flavour oil!

It's vegan, paraben free, oil soluble, alcohol free and suitable for making lip balms, lip glosses, lipsticks and lip butters

Usage:  Add between 1-3 per cent maximum of the total weight of your recipe. Exceeding this recommendation may result in a gritty feeling as the product loses its smooth feel, and may cause a burning sensation.

Flavour: This is a lip safe fragrance. IFDA approved for lip contact. It is not intended for use as a fragrance. 

Scent & Taste: This unsweetened flavour oil has the scent of strawberry. As you inhale the flavour, ironically, the brain thinks it is tasting the flavour as you inhale it. For taste, you might choose to add a sweetener an artificial sweetener, but it is not recommended. Add natural, powdered stevia extract with maltodextrin if you require a sweetener. This is a good natural alternative.Stevia is approximately ten times sweeter than sugar so not much is required. Maltrodextrin is derived from grain and helps to disperse the stevia.

Flashpoint: TBA

Country of origin: Australia

Shelf life: 12 -24 months. Store in a cool, dark location in original packaging.

Not suitable for: candle or soap making, bath bombs, diffusers, body products or room sprays. This is because flavours don't have as strong of a scent throw as fragrances. Never use fragrances in lip products since they are not lip safe.

This information is intended as a guide and is no substitute for your own testing and research.  Results may vary according to individual recipes. It is the responsibility of each customer to test all products and fragrances thoroughly prior for personal use or commercial sale. We take no responsibility for your final product.

Bottles are filled by weight, not volume. Levels may vary.

To learn how to make vegan lip balm please click here.


Recommended Usage
candle  No N/A
soap  No N/A
body   No N/A
Diffuser  No N/A
Room spray  No N/A
Eye safe No N/A
Lip Safe YES 1-3%
Flashpoint TBC
Contains Vanillin TBC %
Safety Notes: do not apply undiluted directly to skin. Keep away from eyes.

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