Hens Soy Candle Making Workshops: Celebrate friendship, have fun, learn something new and take home candles

Candle Making Workshops

Oh, female friendships – they're like a rollercoaster of emotions, from high school drama to adulting adventures. Let's take a walk down the memory lane of friendship, shall we?

Remember high school? It's like a never-ending slumber party where you share all the details of your day, especially the juicy stuff about that crush who smiled at you in the hallway. And oh, the hours spent on the phone dissecting every little interaction. It's like running a detective agency on teenage hormones.

Now fast forward to your twenties. Life gets a bit tricky, and some friendships fade like yesterday's Instagram stories. 'Single you' throws a birthday bash, but some friends suddenly become MIA due to their partners. It's like a Friends episode, but without the coffee shop hangouts.

But hey, out of the chaos emerge those ride-or-die friends. You form a bond stronger than super glue. It's like a support group for life's misadventures. You tackle parties, binge-watching sessions, and even save each other from bathroom blunders. It's like a squad of everyday heroes.

And then, boom! One of you finds a magical unicorn of a partner and decides to tie the knot. Cue the wedding bells and the maid of honour gig. It's like being handed a wand and being told, "Create the best bachelorette party ever!"

Enter the Hens – the sacred rite of celebrating female friendship. It's like stepping into a zone filled with girl power and laughter. Sure, it might seem a bit traditional, but there's something uniquely wonderful about embracing that feminine energy.

Now, planning the perfect Hens is like organizing a puzzle with guests of all ages. You can't just throw in a wild, X-rated show and call it a day. You need something that screams "celebration," not "embarrassment." And if your bride is more of a creative soul than a stripper enthusiast, you're in for a challenge.

But fear not, because Blaze & Foam is here to save the day! Picture this: a soy candle making class where you're surrounded by your favourite ladies, sipping champagne, and creating beautiful candles. It's like a crafting and bonding session rolled into one.

Guided by a candle-making wizard, you'll pick fragrances and colours, and create your own wax masterpieces. It's like a creative symphony that ends with you taking home your creations and lighting them up to remember the fantastic time you had.

And the best part? If you can't all be in the same place, there's a virtual option too! It's like bringing the candle-making party to your screens. You get your candle kits, hop on Zoom, and unleash your inner artisans.

So, next time you're thinking about celebrating female friendships, remember the power of candles, creativity, and camaraderie. It's like a love potion for your soul sisters, sending your bride off into married life with a tribe of strong, fabulous women by her side. 🕯️👭💫


 To enquire about specific dates for your hens soy candle making event, email us at info@blazeandfoam.com.au or book online here


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