Hens Soy Candle Making Workshops: Celebrate friendship, have fun, learn something new and take home candles

Female friendships are special!

In high school, you see your friends all day, then get home and tie up the phone deconstructing the day’s events, and about your crush who you walked past in the hall, and what he said, and what it meant.

In your twenties, some friendships fall by the wayside. 'Single you' invites your close girlfriends to your birthday dinner on Saturday night, but some seem reluctant to leave their partners. Or they come, but rush off at nine.

You bond with a group of other singles. You laugh and cry together, empathise and listen to each other’s stories. You take Ubers together out to fabulous parties, binge watch sitcoms together, apply your makeup together in front of the mirror for a big night out and tell each other you look hot. Then, you warn each other about the toilet paper pasted to your shoe, leaving the club bathroom.

And then one of you finds someone extraordinary and declares that they’re getting married!

Now they've asked you to be the maid of honour. You don't want to let them down. The pressure is on. Coming up with an idea that your friend and the other ladies will love is not an uncomplicated task!

The Hens is a powerful ritual which celebrates female friendship. It’s a time where women can step away from partners to reconnect with other females. It might sound a little regressive at first glance - after all, we’re all people, regardless of our gender. But there’s also something decidedly unique about a space filled with female energy.

Maybe not everyone who is coming to the Hens knows each other. You need the appropriate ice breaker: One that’s suitable for everyone! Above all, the bride needs to relax, to be spoilt and to discharge pre-wedding nerves.

But what to do?

The future mother-in-law might be there and there’s probably a mix of generations attending. The prospect of a tacky X- rated show is not always enticing under these circumstances. Or, perhaps your bride to be is just not the stumbling drunkenly at the strippers type. She's a creative woman.

Now, women who build each other up can be rare these days, rather than lurking shadows of jealousy that often accompany female friendships. You’re sending the bride off into married life. This is a magnificent opportunity for your friend to be sent off feeling invincible with her tribe of women by her side!

But how to accomplish it? 


A fun Blaze & Foam Hens Soy Candle Making Class is the go!


Enjoy an intimate celebration. Learn a new skill and create something gorgeous to take home.

Spend the afternoon or evening sipping champagne, listening to her favourite playlist, and making soy wax candles. We'll supply a glass of sparkling for each guest on arrival. then you're very welcome to bring your own additional bubbly, and snacks. 

Guided by our passionate, expert candlemaker, the group will choose their own phthalate free fragrance oils and candle dyes from our library. We will provide an array of candle supplies.

Each participant will take home the two candles they make and remember the fun had each time they are lit at home.


soy candle making workshop melbourne Hens


Blaze & Foam offers a live virtual experience over Zoom for groups who can't get together in person for whatever reason. Candle making kits are sent to guests prior.

We also run Hens candle making workshops on Melbourne's Mornington Peninsula.

Learn about the benefits of soy wax over other waxes, choosing wick types and how to correctly wick container candles. We'll explain how fragrance loads work, and how to accurately scent your candle. With our candle supplies, you'll be able to make your own candles at home with easy step-by-step instructions.

To enquire about specific dates for your hens soy candle making event, email us at info@blazeandfoam.com.au or book online here


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