Choosing Fragrance for your Collection

Fragrance is a substantial part of what will sell your candles, soaps and cosmetics. Adding fragrances to your range is an exciting journey!

Fragrances will trigger powerful reactions, vivid memories and spontaneously unlock intense emotion. This process relies on a part of the brain named the olfactory bulb, which is connected to the amygdala - responsible for processing emotion. You will be drawn to or disgusted by certain fragrances because of experiences. But how will your clients react to those fragrances? You despise cooking type scents perhaps, but your consumers might worship them. 

As soon as consumers pick up a candle, soap or lotion they will smell and react to it.

When selecting fragrances from your candle supplies and soap making supplies, it can be a battle between what you prefer and what you assume your consumers will love.


Target Market

A useful to way to navigate this is to step back and remind yourself:

Who is your target market? Are you aiming for mass market appeal? Vanilla and strawberry, for example, are favourites. Perhaps you’re going for a mid-market, or prestige market appeal. Joining social media groups for candle makers and soap makers will also enable you to find out from other generous chandlers what their best sellers are.

Will your customers care if the fragrance contains phthalates? For more on this topic please check out this post.


Next, is making sure that you have chosen fragrances which cover the fragrance family.

Michael Edwards is the author of a famous book called The Fragrance Manual. The manual was published so that retailers could promote fragrances and customers could understand them. Edwards, who was born in 1943 in Malawi, set out to provide structure to smell via his invention, the fragrance wheel. He classified scent into four main families: floral, woody, oriental, fresh. Perfumers use regularly these 4 categories.

Floral: This deals with scents that are floral like roses. Feminine.

Oriental: Warm, spicy scents like cinnamon. Amber. Eastern

Woody: Usually identified with the masculine. Earthy notes like leather, mossy woods, dry woods.

Fresh: lighter notes like citrus, water, green, fruity.




The Fragrance Wheel 



These days, there is a 7-category system employed by the Societe Francaise des Parfumeurs: citrus, floral, fougere, chypre, woody, amber and leather.

The term Oriental, is also referred to as Amber to avoid offence.

More recently, perfumers have added the category Gourmand, which includes edible, dessert type fragrances such as birthday cake.



Fragrances are the layers of scent that makeup to final fragrance, which is a combination of notes, similar to whiskey, or wine.

Here at Blaze & Foam, we take our fragrances seriously. We meticulously test and research to offer you fragrances you and your clients will love. 

 In each of our fragrance descriptions, we explain the various scent notes. We have a library of phthalate free fragrance oils to choose from including blueberry cheesecake, 1 million, coconut lime, Persian lime and lemongrass, pina colada, salted caramel, rose Victorian, vanilla bean and watermelon.

Top notes: We recognise the top note first. This is the scent’s first impression. You smell it instantly as you’re introduced to the fragrance, then it evaporates. For example, citrus, light, fresh notes.

Middle notes: The top notes dissipate, revealing the next layer of middle or heart notes such as floral, green, fruity or spicy scents. They harmonise the top and bottom scents.

Base notes: Herein lies the depth of a fragrance which lasts the longest. For example, woody or balsamic notes which are made of larger molecules. The base notes will round out the experience.



Choosing a range of fragrances suitable for different rooms is also important. Keep in mind that some fragrances will travel large spaces and others will need to not be over powering in smaller spaces. Fragrances used in the kitchen, for example will be different from those used in the bedroom or bathroom.


On your exciting journey to finalise your collection, you will soon learn what your best sellers are and these might surprise you. Blaze & Foam offers 10ml, 50ml and 100ml fragrances, so you can sample fragrances in your cosmetics, wax and soap; and do your market research. 


Let’s keep the conversation going.

What is your favourite fragrance type and how did you select the fragrances for your range?

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