Botanical-Infused Candles: A Flaming Hot Trend or a Fire Hazard in Disguise?

Botanical-Infused Candles: A Flaming Hot Trend or a Fire Hazard in Disguise?

Nothing screams relaxation like a potential botanical bonfire in your living room! Like who needs a regular, non-threatening candle when you can have one with dried flowers, leaves, herbs, and wood waiting to turn your cozy night in into an episode of "Botanical Blaze"? 

flowers in candles


Yes, it’s all the rage and looks soo pretty!

Is it legal? Yes.

Is is it safe? No.

Forget about the soothing ambience – let's crank up the excitement with a side of potential fire hazard!

Why would you settle for a classic, safe candle when you can play Russian roulette with your home decor? It's like, "Will my relaxation time end in a gentle flicker or a full-blown botanical explosion?" Because who wouldn't want to live on the edge while trying to unwind?

And let's not forget the avant-garde design choice of ditching the old-school method of embedding botanical elements on the outside of a free standing taped candle. Who needs that protective barrier of solid wax? Clearly, it's more thrilling when your dried flowers take a dip into the liquid wax pool, transforming your serene candlelit evening into a botanical hot tub party.

Remember when the NCA went on a shopping spree for candles and decided to put them through the wringer, subjecting them to the rigorous ASTM Candle Fire Safety Procedures at a top-notch, independent safety testing lab. Oh, you didn’t hear?  Well, brace yourself for the nail-biting drama, because the results were nothing short of a pyrotechnic spectacle. In every single case, those candles didn't just fail the safety test; they practically auditioned for a blockbuster action movie with multiple and oversized flames stealing the show.

And let's not forget about that time Bath & Body Works had to recall 18, 400 botanically infused candles...

It's not just a little hiccup; we're talking about the potential for a full-blown fire hazard extravaganza. The heat and colossal flames on display are like the rebellious rock stars of the candle world, ready to set your cozy abode on fire – and not in the metaphorical, romantic way. We're talking about the potential for a home fire that could turn your living room into a fiery spectacle faster than you can say "candlelight catastrophe."

You get the point. 

By all means, use them in melts or with electric warmers. But not in a candle wax  (which by nature has an open flame.) Sure, there are no regulations in Australia stopping you from using them in candles. Have you checked if your insurer ready to take the risk? And are you ready? Safety first.

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