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DIY Soy Container Candle Making KIT for 20


Host Your Own DIY Soy Candle Making Event!

Unleash your inner creativity and host a memorable soy candle making event with our comprehensive DIY package. Perfect for those who love hands-on experiences and want to bring a touch of magic to their own home, community gathering, or office setting. This package is designed for up to 20 participants, catering to your creative vision.

Package Highlights:

Empower Your Creativity: Instead of a chandler running the event, you'll receive all the materials and guidance needed to lead the workshop on your own.

Expert Consultations: Enjoy a 30-minute Zoom conversation with our expert chandler to clarify any questions before your event. On the day of your event, you'll have an additional 15-minute Zoom consultation to address any last-minute concerns.

Step-by-Step Guide: You'll receive a comprehensive step-by-step instruction manual, making it easy for beginners to dive into the candle-making process.

Materials Included: This package is tailored for up to 20 participants, providing ample supplies for each person to create their own container candle.

All Ages Welcome: Suitable for all ages, kids included, with adult supervision.

What You Provide:

  • Plastic gloves and a ruler
  • Tablecloth and decorative elements
  • Microwave or stove setup for melting wax
  • Kitchen pot with boiling water (for double boiler method)
  • Optional: Kitchen scale (available for purchase)

Included Kit:

  • 3.2 kg of premium vegan soy wax
  • 20 candle glasses (various colors)
  • 20 HTP cotton wicks with stickums and metal tabs
  • 20 bamboo stirring sticks
  • 2 thermometers for temperature control
  • 2 metal candle jugs (for stove melting)
  • 6 microwave-safe long-necked jugs (for pouring)
  • 3 x 100ml phthalate-free fragrance oils (your choice)
  • Fragrance labels and warning labels
  • 7 x 10 ml premium German-made liquid candle dye
  • Printed step-by-step instructions
  • 20 bamboo lids


The images provided showcase a DIY event where the host creatively styled the setup with her own unique touch. You're encouraged to infuse your personality into the experience.

Invest in Creativity:

Your investment for this comprehensive DIY package is $ Host a unique event that sparks creativity and connection in a personalized setting.

Terms and Conditions:

Please review our terms and conditions to ensure a smooth experience. Our package caters to up to 20 participants and is suitable for various settings and age groups.

Begin Your Candle-Making Journey Today!


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