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Make Container Soy Candles

Materials Required for Your Epic Candle-Making Odyssey:

  • Thermometer (Because candles deserve a spa-level temperature check)
  • Double boiler (Candle-making's fancy dance partner)
  • Wooden spoon (For stirring up candle-making magic)
  • Digital scale (Because precision is key)
  • Wax (The star of the show)
  • Fragrance (The superstar's grand entrance)
  • Wicks (The center-stage performers)
  • Wick holders (Their trusty backup dancers)
  • Cup for fragrance (The fragrance's VIP lounge)
  • Glasses or containers (The candle's luxury suite)
  • Pegs (To ensure wick comfort)
  • Butcher paper / newspaper (The red carpet for your candle-making event)
  • Glue gun or stickums (For wick placement precision)
  • Warning Labels (Because even candles need to play it safe)


Now, Let the 6-Act Candle-Making Spectacle Begin...


Act 1: Prepare for the Candle-Making Adventure

  • Lay out a paper runway on your crafting table to protect it from any wax splashes. It's like setting up a red carpet event, but for candles!
  • Give Your Glasses a Spa Day: Your candle containers need to feel pampered too. So, grab some paper towels and wipe away any dust that's been accumulating. They'll appreciate the TLC! And your wicks will stick better.
  • Wick's Grand Entrance: Time to introduce the wick! Use your trusty glue gun or stickums to make sure the wick feels right at home on the inside base of the container. It's all about wick comfort, you know. Ensure it's perfectly centered. Give it a little tug and secure it with a peg. A centered wick is the star of the show, ensuring your candle burns like a superstar!


Act 2: Measure The Ingredients

  • Weighing in Wax: Grab your digital scales and measure out the candle wax.. Weigh it with precision!
  • Fragrance Cup: Pour in the fragrance with the elegance of a seasoned mixologist crafting the perfect cocktail.
  • Container Capers: If you're using your own containers, it's like a detective story! Work out their capacity, just like Sherlock Holmes examining clues. And if you're unsure, no worries, there's a blog post to guide you, your very own candle-making encyclopedia.
  • Fragrance Loading Magic: Now, for the magical touch – fragrance loading! It's like adding just the right amount of seasoning to your favourite dish. Decide how fragrant you want it to be, usually 8% for that perfect candle. Calculate it like a wizard - 8% of x grams is your secret formula for fragrance bliss!


Act 3: Melt The Soy Wax


  • Double Boiler Dance: Ah, the classic double boiler method! It's like a fancy dance move in the world of candle-making. Set up your wax in a metal jug, and let it waltz in a pot above another pot filled with water. They'll twirl and tango to create the perfect candle concoction.
  • Temperature Tango: Now, it's time to get your wax in the mood! Check the recommended melt and pour temperature for your chosen wax, just like checking the weather forecast. Use your digital thermometer or glass thermometer to make sure your wax reaches that specific temperature. It's like ensuring your wax is dressed just right for the occasion!
  • Hot Jug Exit: Once your wax hits that magical temperature, it's time for the grand exit. Remove the metal jug from the water bath. It's like the grand finale of a cooking show, where your wax is the star!


Act 4: Add Candle Fragrance

Stir candle wax

  • Aroma Addition Act: Ah, the moment of truth – adding fragrance! Think of it as the grand entrance of a superstar into the wax world. But remember, timing is everything. You don't want your fragrance to pull a disappearing act. Wait until your wax is at that perfect temperature, just like waiting for your favorite singer to hit the stage.
  • Fragrance Flourish: Once the stage is set and your wax is ready, it's time for the fragrance to shine! Pour in that carefully measured fragrance oil like a top chef adding the secret ingredient to a gourmet dish.
  • Mixing Maestro: Now, it's time for the magic touch. Mix the wax and fragrance together like a maestro conducting a symphony. Ensure every bit of wax gets a taste of that lovely fragrance. They'll dance together in perfect harmony!


Act 5: Heat Your Glasses & Pour Your Candles

Pour candles

  • Warming Up the Glasses: It's like giving your candle jars a cozy pre-pour hug! Grab your trusty heat gun and warm those glass containers. This will make them feel all toasty and reduce the chance of "wet spots." Think of it as creating a warm and inviting atmosphere for your candles.
  • Two-Pour Tango: Pouring your wax is like a well-choreographed dance. Consider a two-step routine – the main pour and then the top-up pour. It's like a candle encore, ensuring your candles have that perfect, smooth finish.
  • Room Temperature Harmony: Your candle-making environment matters too! Keep it cozy and warm, like a candle spa day. If it's chilly, turn up the heater to keep the glass and wax in perfect harmony. You don't want them to drift apart!
  • Wick Bar Centre Stage: After pouring, it's time for the wick bar to take centre stage. It's like the conductor's baton, ensuring your wick stays perfectly centered. Let your candles rest overnight, like a good night's sleep for your creations.
    • Leave your candles to set

      Last Step: Label, Trim & Cure

      • Farewell to Wick Holders and Pegs: Once your candles are all set and confident, remove the wick holders and pegs. They've done their job, and now it's time for your candles to shine independently.
      • Label Love: Give your candles a voice by adding warning labels. It's like giving them a megaphone to speak safety. Let everyone know that your candles are a work of art and should be handled with care.
      • Trimming Time: Time for a little haircut! Trim the wicks to a fashionable 1 cm above the wax. It's like giving your candles a stylish coiffure for their debut.
      • Curing Chamber: Now, it's time to send your candles to the spa for a well-deserved rest. Let them cure for at least 5 days to 2 weeks. Think of it as a meditation retreat for candles, where they become even more magnificent with time.