FAQ Wicks

 Wick Whisperer's Guide to Candle Crafting

Are Your Cotton Wicks Pre-Tabbed? Oh, absolutely. Our wicks don't just walk the walk; they come pre-tabbed. It's like buying jeans with the belt already looped in – super convenient!

Why Pre-Tabbed Wicks? They’re the candle world’s secret weapon. Saves you time, ensures your candle doesn’t throw a tantrum (aka burns evenly), and keeps things safer than a bank vault. No more messing with glue or DIY tabbing – pre-tabbed wicks are like instant noodles: quick, easy, and satisfying.

Choosing the Perfect Wick: Picking a wick is like selecting the perfect accessory for your outfit. You've got:

  • Material: Cotton, wood, fiberglass... It's the fabric of your candle's life.
  • Braid Design: Like choosing a hairstyle for your candle. Some are simple; others are fancy up-dos.
  • Wax Coating: To coat or not to coat? That's the question. It's like choosing between matte and glossy nail polish.

The Wick Chart: It’s like a clothing size chart, but for wicks. Remember, it's just a suggestion, like a friend advising you on what to wear to a party. The real test? Trial and error.

Testing Wicks: Think of it as a reality TV show for wicks. Measure, select, burn, observe, and adjust. You’re looking for the Goldilocks of flames – not too big, not too small. Keep notes like a dedicated fan.

Which Wicks Do We Sell?

  • HTP Wick Series: The chill, curly fries of wicks. Great for soy and paraffin, they come with a pre-coat and self-trim. Low maintenance and always up for a good time.
  • CDN Stabilo Wick Series: The sharpshooters. Think laser-guided precision for your candles. They're straight shooters but need a little post-burn trim.

What Type of Wicks to Buy? It's like picking between chocolate and vanilla ice cream – a matter of personal taste, but always lead-free. Mix and match to find your candle's soulmate.

What’s a Test Burn For? It's the candle's dress rehearsal. You're the director, and the wick is auditioning. If it fluffs its lines (hello, bad melt pool), it’s back to the drawing board.

How to Centre Your Wick: For small batches, stickums are your BFFs. Clean, stick, centre, and secure with a metal straw. It’s like setting up a tiny, waxy tent.

Multi-Wicking Math: It’s like a dance floor calculation. How many dancers (wicks) can you fit? Divide, select, and test. It’s a wick disco!

Why Trim CDN Wicks? They’re divas and need their ‘hair’ just right. Keep them trimmed to avoid drama. Think of it as a regular spa treatment.

Cotton Wicks in Pillar Candles? Yes! Our cotton wicks can strut their stuff in both containers and pillars.

Candle Not Melting Properly? Maybe it's the wick’s size. It’s like bringing a knife to a gunfight. Revisit the wick guide for a better match.

Crumbly Wick Ball Post-Blowout? It’s the wick's way of rebelling – called 'mushrooming'. Trim it back to keep it in line.

What Makes Wicks Smoke? It's a who-done-it mystery. Could be the wax, fragrance, dye, size, or even a drafty spot. Like a detective, you’ll need to sniff out the clues.

Why Big Wick Tabs? Safety first! The large tab is like a candle’s bodyguard. It keeps things cool and prevents your candle from turning into a mini firework.