Case Study: MOR Coffee Palace Candle Launch

MOR kicked off the ultimate olfactory celebration in April 2023, marking the grand entrance of their limited edition Coffee Palace Fragrant Candle. It wasn't just a launch; it was a fragrant extravaganza, a symphony of scents unleashed into the world. 
MOR's PR extravaganza unfolded in the form of an exclusive influencer candle-making workshop, setting the stage for the grand in-store and online launch slated for May. Influencers were immersed in the art of crafting candles, each flicker of the flame a prelude to the impending scented sensation. This workshop wasn't just about making candles; it was a hands-on journey into the heart of fragrance, a sneak peek into the magic that awaited the eager audience. May was on the horizon, and the influencer workshop was the spark that ignited the countdown to a fragrant revelation both in-store and across the digital realm.

Blaze & Foam were tasked with setting the scene, supplying every candle-making essential, from materials to equipment, ensuring the influencers had all the tools for a fragrant masterpiece. We then guided the influencers through the intricate dance of wax and wick, turning the workshop into a scented symphony. Because our creativity knows no bounds, we thought, "Why not take it up a notch?" Cue the scented, wax-dressed coffee beans, here to party as candle decorations. 

The influencers, basking in the glory of their own handcrafted candle masterpieces, carried their own boxed, wax wonders home in a swanky gift bag. Plus a little extra magic in the form of the actual newly released MOR candles. 
Ready to turn your PR dreams into a scented reality with a candle-making extravaganza? Well, look no further! Drop us a line, and let's chat about weaving some fragrant magic together. Whether you're envisioning an influencer-filled workshop or a candle-centric soirée, we've got the expertise to make your event a bona fide success. Contact us, and let the scent-sational collaboration begin!