Case Study: CoHealth Chinese New Year Candle Making Experience

In January 2023, Blaze & Foam lead the charge in a soy candle-making extravaganza for CoHealth. The mission? To ring in the Chinese New Year with style and fragrance.

NDIS candle making workshop Melbourne







In the heart of North Melbourne, an NDIS community celebration unfolded. The ambiance was inclusive, ensuring accessibility for all. For those moments requiring a linguistic bridge, an interpreter stood ready, gracefully assisting with Mandarin to English translations.  

NDIS candle making activity melbourne 

Ensuring that every participant had the opportunity to craft their own fragrant, coloured soy candles, dedicated carers were there to lend assistance as needed. In this aromatic journey, everyone had their chance to infuse creativity into their candles. A fragrant symphony of teamwork and creativity ensued, making the candle-making experience truly special for all involved.


NDIS creative activity melbourne candle making


Radiating with satisfaction, participants took their crafted candles home, the sweet aroma of success accompanying them. The celebration continued with a pit stop for Chinese New Year lunch along the way, turning the day into a delightful blend of creativity, fragrance, and shared meals. IIt was an experience filled with happiness, memories, and the warm glow of newly made candles. A journey from crafting to savouring, all in a day's celebration.