Case Study: A relaxing Staff Wellness Incursion at Toorak College with candle making and soap making

In December 2023, Toorak College, Mount Eliza extended an invitation to us to conduct a staff wellness incursion as a delightful conclusion to the academic year. Recognizing the need for a unique and rejuvenating experience, we curated a wellness event that combined the therapeutic art of soy candle making and the hands-on fun of melt-and-pour soap making.

The primary goal was to offer the staff at Toorak College an immersive and stress-relieving activity to celebrate the end of the year. The dual focus on soy candle making and melt-and-pour soap making aimed to provide a creative outlet while promoting relaxation and well-being.

Our team collaborated closely with the organizers to tailor the incursion to their specific needs, being a day of creativity and self-care.

Soy Candle Making:
Participants were introduced to the art of soy candle making, a therapeutic and mindful craft. Our expert instructors guided the staff through the entire process, from selecting fragrances to pouring the wax into exquisite containers. The activity allowed the staff to express their creativity while experiencing the calming effects of working with natural soy wax.

Melt-and-Pour Soap Making:
The melt-and-pour soap making segment added a playful element to the wellness incursion. Staff members engaged in the hands-on process of customizing their own soap bars with various colors, scents, and textures. The interactive nature of the activity fostered team bonding and provided a light-hearted atmosphere.

The staff at Toorak College embraced the wellness incursion with enthusiasm. The combination of soy candle making and melt-and-pour soap making offered a perfect blend of relaxation and creativity. Participants left with personalized candles and soaps, tangible reminders of the memorable day.


The staff wellness incursion at Toorak College, featuring soy candle making and melt-and-pour soap making, proved to be a successful and memorable way to celebrate the end of the year. The event not only provided a creative outlet but also fostered a sense of relaxation and community among the staff, leaving a lasting positive impact as they embarked on their well-deserved holiday break.