You're about to become a candle-making wordsmith! Let's dive into the world of wax wizardry with this ultimate list of candle making terms. Get ready to impress your fellow candle makers with your newfound knowledge:

A for Additive: Fancy substances like vybar, stearic acid, and UV inhibitors that we add to wax to make those candles burn even more beautifully.

B for Burn Cycle: It's like a candle workout routine! Burn a candle for 4 hours, cool it down, and repeat. This helps us check how the wick is doing.

B for Burn Rate: How much wax a candle munches through in an hour. Measured in grams, it's influenced by the size of the vessel, type of wax, and heat of the wick.

B for Burn Time: The time it takes for a candle to say its final farewell and burn out. Influenced by the size of the vessel, type of wax, and wick dimensions.

C for Container Candle: A candle that's poured right into a container, all cozy and snug.

D for Double Boiler: A two-pot dance – one pot with water and the other with wax – to melt that wax evenly.

D for Dye: These are the color wizards for your wax, making it all vibrant and pretty.

E for Essential Oil: Mother Nature's gift! Oils extracted from plants, leaves, flowers – you name it!

F for Flashpoint: The temperature at which a substance goes "Whoosh!" when it meets an open flame.

F for Fragrance Load: The percentage of fragrance in your candle. The more, the merrier!

F for Fragrance Oil: A blend of natural and synthetic wonders that make your candles smell oh-so-amazing.

H for Hot Throw: The scent power when a candle is burning and doing its thing.

M for Melt Point: When wax goes from solid to liquid. It's a melting party!

M for Melt Pool: The liquid pool of wax that forms when a candle's burning its heart out.

P for Palm Wax: Wax that's all about those palm oil vibes.

P for Paraffin Wax: The wax that comes from the land of refined petroleum.

P for Pour Temperature: The magic number that tells you when your fragranced wax is ready to be poured into its vessel or mould.

P for Pillar Candle: The stand-alone, moulded candle – like a mini work of art!

S for Scent Load: How much scent your wax can hold. (like a sponge before it starts seeping out)

S for Scent Throw: The amazing scent that dances out of a burning candle.

S for Sinkhole: A little crater formed when wax cools down unevenly.

S for Soy Wax: The eco-friendly, plant-based wax from soybeans.

S for Stearic Acid: The superhero that makes wax more opaque, burns slower, and gives it that sturdy vibe.

T for Tea Light: The tiny candle with a big heart, chilling in its little tin.

T for Top Pour: When you add more wax after the candle's cooled a bit, to fix any sinkholes or give it that perfect finish.

T for Tunnelling: When the wick's too small for the vessel, and your melt pool doesn't party as it should.

U for UV Stabilizer: This superhero additive fights off fading from those pesky UV rays.

W for Wet Spots: When your wax decides to pull away from the sides of the container – not cool!

W for Wick Tab: The little metal thingamajig at the bottom, keeping the wick in place.

W for Wick Up: When you go a size bigger with the wick for better results.

W for Wick Down: Going a size smaller with the wick for, you guessed it, better results.

There you go, candle virtuoso! You've just unlocked a whole new world of candle-making knowledge. Time to shine bright in the candle-making cosmos!