Candle Care


The Sassy Candle Commandments: A Guide to Not Ruining Your Candles

  1. The Patience Test - No Lighting for 5 Days! Hold your horses! Give your freshly poured candle a five-day spa retreat. This lets the fragrance and wax become BFFs, ensuring a smell so strong it'll knock your socks off.

  2. 'Memory Burn' Manouvre: First impressions matter, even for candles. On its debut light-up, let the wax pool reach the edges or face the wrath of the dreaded 'tunnelling' curse. It's not just an aesthetic nightmare; it's a candle's cry for help.

  3. Wick Whittling Wisdom: Keep those wicks trim and tidy! After every 3-4 hours of candle party time, let it chill out, then give it a little haircut. This avoids the dreaded mushrooming wick syndrome and keeps things burning bright and right. Oh, and fish out any wick leftovers – they're not wax decor.

  4. Wick Re-Centering Ritual: Keep that wick in the middle, unless you're aiming for a candle bonfire. Off-centre wicks are like bad roommates – they heat things up and not in a good way.

  5. Candle Hideout: Store your candles like a vampire – in cool, dark places. Sunlight and heat are their mortal enemies, making them fade into oblivion.

Safety Spells and Cautions:

  • Stable Surface Sorcery: Only burn candles on a surface as stable as your love for them.
  • Lid-Off Law: No crowning your burning candle. It's not a king.
  • Naked Flame Rule: Strip away all packaging before lighting. It's a candle, not a mummy.
  • No Candle Road Trips: Moving a lit candle? That's a no-go.
  • Keep Away from Tiny Hands and Paws: Children and pets and candles are a mix as bad as orange juice and toothpaste.
  • Never Ghost Your Candle: Leaving a lit candle alone is like ghosting a date – not cool.
  • Draft Dodging: Keep your candle away from drafts and sunbathing sessions.
  • The 2mm Rule: If there's only a tiny bit of wax left, it's time to say goodbye.
  • Cracked Glass = Red Flag: Lighting a cracked candle glass is an invitation to disaster.
  • No Wax in the Drain: Unless you want to meet your plumber more often.

Follow these, and you'll be a candle connoisseur in no time!