Soap Making Workshops

Ready to Slay in the Soap Opera of Crafting? Dive headfirst into our soap making workshops and become the suds superstar you were always meant to be! Zero experience? Even better! Our workshops are a mixed bag – perfect for the 'I just dropped my soap' newbies and the 'wow, you could teach this class' pros. Fancy a soap-making method as easy as pie? Melt and pour is your new BFF. Want to flex those crafting muscles? Our cold process workshops are like the gym, but with more bubbles and less sweat. And because we're all about Mother Nature’s fan club, we only use vegan, palm oil-free, and phthalate-free goodies. So, roll up those sleeves and join the soapiest show in town. Let's make some lather magic!


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Public 2.5 hour Soap Making Workshop for BeginnersPublic 2.5 hour Soap Making Workshop for Beginners