Salts & Powders

Salts & Powders

Elevate your crafting with the power of salts – Sea Salt, Himalayan Salt, and Epsom Salt, each offering unique benefits for your bath and body creations.

Sea Salt: Immerse yourself in the revitalising essence of the sea with our premium Sea Salt. Packed with minerals, it invigorates your bath products, offering a rejuvenating experience reminiscent of ocean waves and coastal breezes.

Himalayan Salt: Transport yourself to the majestic peaks with the captivating allure of Himalayan Salt. Rich in minerals, this salt not only enhances the aesthetic appeal of your products but also delivers a touch of luxury and serenity to your self-care routine.

Epsom Salt: Embrace the soothing properties of Epsom Salt, known for its relaxation benefits. Perfect for bath salts and scrubs, it offers a tranquil escape from the demands of daily life, easing tension and promoting well-being.

Imagine the magic of crafting as you incorporate these salts into your bath and body products. Each one holds the promise of a unique sensory experience, ensuring that your creations resonate with both beauty and purpose.


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