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Create your formula. Be able to repeat your successes. Learn from your mistakes!

Candle making is an art and a science. It includes physics and chemistry. Every aspect in a candle will influence the way it burns. Your choice of candle wax, fragrance, dye, wick, and the candle container are all significant variables.

There are ingredients, temperatures, times, and techniques. There is structure. Record keeping is important. It's like working in a laboratory . You are seeking to recreate repeatable results. Otherwise it's like making a meal, and never being able to make it again.

If you're just making candles for fun, perhaps note taking is less important, but even then, safety is crucial, and you wouldn't want a candle you made exploding in your kitchen around your kids.

A test burn allows you to test each aspect of your candle separately, and to locate any issues before you sell the candles. There may be a problem with the candle melt pool, for example, which is solved with the correct wick.

In testing, you could make 3 candles simultaneously, for example, using identical properties, like the same wax, fragrance, container and dye, but... with different wick sizes. This process can be boring, but it will help you narrow down the safest wick selection. You can then sell your candles, knowing they have been thoroughly tested and are safe.

You should also be recording pour temperature, room temperature, wax temperature, the temperature the fragrance oil was added at, the dye amount and type, fragrance brand and quantity.

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The Candle Makers Journal includes:

  • Testing Sheets to track results
  • Removable test sheets
  • How to conduct a test burn instructions.
  • Term Glossary
  • Blank Wick Guide
  • Inventory Management
  • Warning Label Templates
  • Wick template
  • Supplier Costs
  • Shopping list
  • Unit Cost Calculator
  • Product Cost Calculator
  • Fragrance Load Table
  • Recipe entries
  • Troubleshooting Guide

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